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Choice of Instructional Models
Parents are able to choose between two instructional models for their child for the start of the 2020/2021 school year.  When you register, you are committing to a particular model for at least the first marking period (mid-October).  The choices are:
Face-to-Face Model
Innovative Model ([email protected])

To learn more about the models, please visit  If you have additional questions, you can submit them to [email protected] or email Ms. Bender at [email protected] or Mr. Damers at [email protected]

To maximize safety efforts, OCPS is encouraging you to choose the Innovative Model, if you are able.  Doing so enables your child to stay attached to our school with Summerlake teachers and will make the easiest transition for when you and your child are ready to return to school face-to-face. 

Frequently Asked Questions
OCPS has gathered a list of FAQ's related to reopening of schools and continues to update on a regular basis.  Please take a few moments and read through the questions and submit a new question to [email protected] if you do not see an answer for one you may have.
*Click here for OCPS FAQ's